Stand Banquet 2017

What is the Stand Banquet?

It’s an event that will leave you saying “Let’s do this! Our values are worth fighting for, and we can win!” Every year the Family Heritage Alliance hosts a Stand Banquet in Sioux Falls and in Rapid City. The purpose of the events is two-fold; first, the donations given at the banquet are the primary revenue source for our ministry. It’s what keeps us going! Second, the banquet serves as a major morale booster for everyone in attendance. You have like-minded friends on your side, who are standing with you! Come join hundreds of your friends at this action-packed event.


Wait, you said it was a fundraiser?

Yes, the Stand Banquet is the primary source of revenue that allows the Family Heritage Alliance to continue working in South Dakota for another year. Whether it be hosting educational seminars on hot topics of the day, keeping you updated on the political landscape in our state, or fighting for your values in the halls of state and local governments, we use the funds to further the values of Faith, Family & Freedom.

I want to come. What next?

Stand Banquet East

Stand Banquet West

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