The most important thing we can do for our nation

Guest Writer: Paul Weber Family Policy Alliance Following the shooting this morning of Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) and others at a congressional baseball practice, please be in prayer for those who were injured.  Most of all, please pray that the climate of hostility surrounding our national politics will be transformed to …

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4 From Family Heritage Alliance Travel to Watchmen on the Wall 2017 in Washington D.C.

Led by Board Chairman and P50 Watchman Pastor for South Dakota Scott Craig, 4 FHA leaders traveled to D.C. to attend the Watchmen on the Wall Briefing from May 23 through May 26. Pastor Craig was joined by fellow Board member Craig Ericks and staff members Ed Randazzo, FHA’s Director …

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Understanding the Threat: Event

Understanding the Threat Event

The presentation will review the threat and the jihadi network in the U.S. and South Dakota, but will focus on the cooperation between the hard-left/Marxist Movement and the Jihadi Movement in the U.S. and practical actions citizens can take to defend their communities and take back ground. The lead presenter, …

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