When A Retailer Gets it Right

Well, we have, as most of you know, been a watchdog when it comes to retailers who overtly stand in opposition to our values.  We would fight for their right to govern their corporation the way they see fit.  We also reserve the right to spend our hard earned dollars elsewhere.  It seems that, to be fair, we should also highlight the retailers who overtly get it right.  I was watching TV a few nights ago and caught this Scheels ad.  This ad, in thirty seconds, captures the real reason for this season.  So if you are looking for a place to buy sports equipment that honors you and your values, you might think about locating a Scheels.

The Governor’s Luncheon in Rapid City

The Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce held its annual Governor’s Luncheon on Thursday, December 8 at the Ramkota Convention Center in Rapid City. While Executive Director Dale Bartscher and Norman Woods were in Sioux Falls hosting the East River Legislative Briefing, Public Policy Analyst Ed Randazzo was in the …

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