Culture Impact Training

Culture Impact Team Training with John Mendez from the Family Research Council will train “concerned Christians, commissioned by their pastoral leadership, to help encourage their local church toward exerting a more effective Christian influence.” The Culture Impact Team is indigenous to your church. Focusing on the local church allows us …

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Understanding the Threat

Coming alongside Act for America, Family Heritage Alliance helped bring the program “Understanding the Threat” to Rapid City at the Rushmore Hall in the Rapid City Civic Center on Wednesday, June 14th. The purpose of this event was to educate and expose the depth and breadth of the threat to …

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Understanding the Threat: Event

Understanding the Threat Event

The presentation will review the threat and the jihadi network in the U.S. and South Dakota, but will focus on the cooperation between the hard-left/Marxist Movement and the Jihadi Movement in the U.S. and practical actions citizens can take to defend their communities and take back ground. The lead presenter, …

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