Christian Champion Goes Home

We can only imagine the celebration going on in heaven today as Billy Graham joins millions of people there who were impacted by his life and ministry. If you stop to think about it, you will be truly overwhelmed. He is looking at Jesus’ face right now, the one person that Billy Graham talked about, thought about and talked to more than any other person during his life.

He has been called a pastor to the Presidents. In this role he modeled the responsibility of every pastor in our nation, to be the spiritual guide, the moral compass, the values counselor of our nation’s leaders. As one pastor leaves the ranks here on earth, many more pastors are needed to step up to this position of influence in our country from the national all the way to the local level. We desperately need the impact of God’s servants on the leadership of our nation. This is your generation, Pastors. This is your legacy. May Billy Graham’s boldness and love for Jesus Christ point you to his source of power for the task ahead.

Click here for the official memorial page on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website.

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