Legislative Session Begins

The 93rd South Dakota Legislative Session is now underway and your FHA Action team kicked it off with twin Pre-Legislative Briefings, one in Rapid City and a day later in Sioux Falls.

Both were sweetened with delicious desserts (the lemon bars and the apple pie were awesome) and then it was off to Pierre for Norman and Ed. Thanks to big time help from Phil and Charlotte Shively and LaVonne Fosness, both events were well attended and successful.

This session we will be looking at a bill that will call out Planned Parenthood as serial violators of existing pre-abortion counseling laws and enhances the scope of counseling that can lawfully be furnished by pregnancy help centers. This bill, if enacted, will save lives.

South Dakota Christian Home Educators (SDCHE) is looking at three different bills that would affect homeschooling in South Dakota. The first would remove the requirement for multiple signatures on a student’s school release form, the second would enable families to access special ed. funding through the public school, and the third looks to enable more students to play on public school teams.

Representative Michael Clark is the sponsor of HB1073, which will ensure the free-speech rights of college students in South Dakota are not diminished. The bill eliminates “free-speech zones,” eliminates the need to gain permission before engaging in free-speech, and ensures students can govern their student groups according to the beliefs of the group.

Attorney General Marty Jackley has introduced two bills dealing with the sex offender registry and human trafficking. The first, SB61, makes multiple changes to the state sex offender statutes. The second, SB64, declares that an attempt at a human trafficking crime against a minor is punishable in the same manner as the completed crime.

FHA is also working with local professionals to draft a Concurrent Resolution that would encourage education of students and parents regarding the exposure of our children to cyber predators and bad actors on electronic devices and how to prevent it.


Note: None of the above mentioned bills are currently endorsed by Family Heritage Alliance Action. Watch the Legislative Radar page at FHAaction.org for official endorsements or oppositions.

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