FHA Action – Capitol Update

The 2018 Legislative session is in full swing here at the Capitol, and bills are dropping into the hopper like crazy. Some will be hard struggles, others are slam-dunks; as in the case of SB67. SB67 allows a victim of human trafficking the ability to expunge any criminal or delinquency record obtained as a result of them being trafficked. The bill has sailed through the Senate unanimously, and is on its way to the House.

SB94, brought by Senator Kolbeck, makes changes to the Opportunity Scholarship requirements for homeschool students. To qualify for the Opportunity Scholarship, a homeschool student must complete certain class requirements, and have an ACT score of 28 or higher. The benchmark ACT score for public and private school students is 24. SB94 would legitimize the homeschool student’s transcript, and set the ACT score requirement equal to that of a public or private school student.

There are a number of other bills that we will be supporting this year, including:

SB64, from the office of the Attorney General, which strengthens current Human Trafficking laws.

SB110, Outlines the disclosure failures of Planned Parenthood and makes the disclosure requirements more uniform across the board.

SCR3, A resolution that recognizes the importance of protecting human life, especially in the womb.

HB1073, Protects free speech rights of students on college campuses.

And others! Watch the Legislative Radar at FHAaction.org to stay informed!


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