Culture Impact Team Update

Watching God go before you is amazing!  I just got back from a week in Sioux Falls visiting seven different pastors, doing nuts and bolts training for two Culture Impact Teams, and meeting with three other organizations!  I met some amazing people and watched God lead in the meetings and conversations!  I am stoked!  There were also other meetings that were generated out of that week, so I am looking forward to getting back to Sioux Falls soon!  God is moving in SD!

Culture Impact Teams provide the framework for your church to influence your community with God’s morals and the love He has shown us through Jesus Christ.  Has He invited you into what He is doing? Present yourself to Him and see what awesome glory He shows you!

I am available to come to your church to help you put together a Culture Impact Team or to answer any questions about starting one.  The first step is to get the blessing from your pastoral staff because that is who God has put in place to shepherd.  Please reach out to us to help you get your CIT on its feet.

-Phil Shively

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