Support the FHA With A Year End Gift!


As 2017 draws to a close we reflect on the year and our GRATEFULNESS to you, our partners, for your prayer, support and encouragement. We truly could not do the job we do without you in our lives!

Looking ahead to 2018 our prayer is for UNITY. Unity in the Church, Unity in the body of Believers, and Unity in Prayer.

We look forward to UNITY in the church as we train and equip Culture Impact Teams to be a voice for the state of South Dakota and our nation. Initial training took place in both Rapid City and Sioux Falls with over 15 different churches in each city represented.  The momentum is building as we equip churches and pastors throughout the state to bring Godly influence on legislation & policy.

We look forward to UNITY in the body of Believers as we continue to build, encourage, and stand with our allies to promote Biblical citizenship through focused information and resources. Reserve the date for 2018 FHA events! The Legislative Preview dessert receptions will take place in Rapid City & Sioux Falls on January 8th and 9th respectively. Also, the Ministry Leaders Summit in Pierre is scheduled for February 6th. Finally, be looking for a new, interactive, and updated FHA website soon to be introduced.

We look forward to UNITY through Prayer as it is the key to all we do. Through prayer, we seek to unify the body of believers and glorify God so that God would be honored, religious freedom would flourish, families would thrive, and life would be cherished.

Would you prayerfully consider a year-end gift to the Family Heritage Alliance (tax deductible) or FHA Action (non tax deductible)? Together we can make a difference in 2018!

To partner financially with Family Heritage Alliance (Tax Deductible), click here for your options

To partner financially with FHA Action (Not Tax Deductible), click here for your options

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