Understanding the Threat

Coming alongside Act for America, Family Heritage Alliance helped bring the program “Understanding the Threat” to Rapid City at the Rushmore Hall in the Rapid City Civic Center on Wednesday, June 14th.

The purpose of this event was to educate and expose the depth and breadth of the threat to America by terrorist organizations already in our midst. The audience of nearly 300 was mesmerized by the presentation brought by John Guandolo, a Marine combat veteran and former FBI agent and Chris Gaubatz, who had successfully infiltrated the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) as an intern.

Most left the hall concerned about what they had learned about the enormity of the influence by terrorist supported organizations in our government and our culture and the urgent need for education of the public as well as the need for training of our local law enforcement authorities in recognizing and developing strategies to dismantle terrorist networks at the state and local level.

You can learn more about this at: www.UnderstandingtheThreat.com
The next morning, Amy Willson of Act for America, FHA Directors Phil Shively and Ed Randazzo travelled to Aberdeen, SD to help present the same program that evening before 150+ there.

We were all well received there and have now built some new relationships with like-minded folks in Aberdeen.

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