History of Islam by William Federer Draws 300

By Amy Willson

On an evening when many of the friends of Act for America were attending the Pennington County Lincoln Day Dinner downtown, 300+ showed up to learn “The History of Islam” as presented by William Federer. They were not disappointed.

The eminent scholar, historian and popular author rolled out the history of the Middle East and graphically showed how many countries were once moving in a secular direction but now are moving to fundamental Islam that is both political and military in nature and how that has emboldened groups like ISIS, HAMAS and other extremist groups.

You may have seen some false narrative coming from local media sources that chose to categorize the event as “anti-Muslim” and Act for America as a “hate group.”  They even gratuitously attacked South Dakota’s respected Constitutional Officers Marty Jackley and Shantel Krebs who merely stopped by the event on their way home from the Lincoln Day Dinner as though they had done something wrong.

Vilifying family-friendly conservatives and faith-based organizations is a tactic we have seen all too often.  In this casse, much of it is fueled by the Southern Poverty Law Center and CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).  The latter is an Unindicted Co-Conspirator of the Holy Land Foundation Trial.

By popular demand we are providing you here with a video of the entire presentation, unabridged, for you to watch. Be prepared for a thorough presentation on “The History of Islam.”


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