Rapid City Welcomes Chief Kelvin Cochran

Kelvin J. Cochran

Shreveport, Louisiana native Kelvin J. Cochran, as a five-year-old boy, was spellbound by Shreveport Firefighters fighting a fire across the street from his house and dreamed that one day he would be a firefighter. Well, that’s exactly what happened as his employment with the Shreveport Fire Department began in 1981 as a firefighter. He was appointed Fire Chief of the Shreveport Fire Department on August 26, 1999. On January 2, 2008 he was appointed fire chief of the City of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department. Kelvin gave his life to Christ at an early age and today serves on the Elizabeth Baptist Church Staff in Shreveport, LA.

This ‘Man of God’ has earned the right to be heard and heard he was on several occasions while recently visiting Rapid City. On Wednesday evening, April 12, he amazed the 40 or so Family Heritage Alliance friends attending the ‘FHA Donor Appreciation Dessert Reception’ held at the Rapid City Journey Museum. Then on Thursday morning, April 13, he spoke of his ‘Faith Through Suffering’ to the almost 430 early morning faithful gathered at the Rapid City Holiday Inn for our seventh annual ‘Faith and Hope Community Breakfast’. FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher was honored to have served as this event’s emcee and although we thrilled at the prospect of hearing from Chief Cochran, our primary purpose for gathering was to PRAY for our communities, state and nation. Several FHA Board Members (Pastor Scott Craig, Deb Baker) and friends fervently prayed over the Eight Cultural Centers of Influence: Government, Military, Media, Business, Education, Church, Family and Medical.

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