FHA Strengthened By Her Associations

The Family Heritage Alliance is a better and stronger organization due in part to the wonderful National and State Associations we maintain.  One such Association is –  SD Apologetics!  Our partnership with SDA has resulted in two statewide ‘Stand To Reason Seminars’, SD Legislative Lobbying Assistance, and recently the “Who is GOD? Debate”.

This three and one half hour intense and inspiring public religious debate was held on Friday evening, April 21, at the  Ramkota Hotel in Rapid City.  FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher was honored to have been asked to fill the role of debate moderator.  Nearly 730 friends from across the nation packed the debate room with standing room only as thousands watched via streaming live on the internet.  As of the writing of this article over 44,000 have already viewed the debate via u-tube.  You may view it on u-tube by clicking here.  Note:  The debate begins a the 4:55 minute mark.

Dale opened the debate saying, “Friends, it has been said of PRAYER:  “Prayer isn’t all that we should do but we should do nothing until we have prayed!”  So, Dale prayed:  “Father, we thank you for the very gift of LIFE.  You have gather those of us in this room tonight from near and far for the purpose of contemplating – WHO YOU ARE.  Lord, we will only but begin to scratch the surface of that discussion here this evening but may we speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, and always pursue the Truth.  For, we know, as we know, that it is the TRUTH that truly sets us FREE.  We pray in the Name of Jesus the Christ.  Amen!”

Many were drawn to this debate due to the relevance of importance of its proposition – RESOLVED:  “The Bible teaches that within the one Being that is God there exists eternally three co-equal and co-eternal persons, namely, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” 

Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries, argued in the affirmative representing South Dakota Apologetics and Brother Joe Ventilation, principle apologist of  Iglesias Ni Christo, argued in the negative.

When it comes to weighing any matter of vital importance it is good to remember that it is reason, and not passion, which must guide our deliberations, guide our debate, and guide our decisions.  Yes, this was a reasoned and respectful debate and ONE that many hope will be duplicated numerous times.

BTW – Several FHA Leaders were in attendance for the SD Apologetics Seminar with Dr. James White on Saturday, April 22.  150 attendees gathered at the beautiful  Parkview Evangelical Free Church (pictured here) to spend the day in thoughtful discussion.  Dr. White gave a ‘Debate Recap’ followed by his teaching on the topics:  New Testament Reliability, Witnessing to Mormons, and a final Question & Answer Session. Scripture says it right, “Come, let us reason together!”  

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