Is Washington Broken Or Is It Us

Guest Writer: Dr. Tom Udager

Dr. Tom Udager

The statement is heard frequently today that Washington is broken. The inference is that our form of government is inadequate to meet the demands of our hi-tech, fast paced world. We are critical of our legislature because we feel that they are in grid-lock and unwilling to compromise in order to solve the problems facing our nation.

Our republican form of government is superior to any other form of government from history or currently in place. It is an incredible experiment to determine if man is truly capable of governing himself. It has never been done. It is an outlandish idea. Who would be brazen enough to attempt such a thing? It turns out that it was a motley crew of British citizens who would not be dictated to about what they should believe or how they should worship God. Many gave their lives to reach America and establish the colonies. Blood has flowed since to gain independence, keep unity and defend freedom. In spite of the struggle we have prospered as “ one nation under God”.

A stubborn unwillingness to compromise is not our problem. We are at a point of collision of the two world views. One world view believes that our world was created by a creator and that man was created in His image to rule over His creation. His plan for our lives was to “ prosper us”. He gave us guidelines to ensure that we enjoyed the fulness of the life He had planned for us. He asked us to Love one another, to prefer others before ourselves, to give to others out of the fullness of our hearts and to give our lives for a brother. He said that there was fulness of joy in a humble spirit. He told us that a gentle answer turns away wrath. He backed His admonition to us with His own blood. He invited us to be sons and daughters and to spend eternity with Him in His house. He told us that His word was absolute truth.

The second world view believes that the world was formed by some form of cosmic accident. They believe that life started by some happenstance of nature. The second viewers believe that this first life was a single cell and all subsequent life evolved from it. They worship intellect and believe that humans are the masters of their own fate. Man is not a majestic creation of a loving God, but a higher form of animal which evolved from primates. Man has no purpose but to enjoy the days that he has on this earth. The second viewers respect the earth to the point of worship. She is “Mother Earth”. There is no absolute truth, but truth evolves as needed to accommodate the demands of the culture. Pragmatism rules their world and if you have a noble cause, whatever you have to do to promote it is acceptable.

The population of our nation is close to evenly split in our world views. Over the past five decades the second viewers have dominated the shaping of our culture and moral principles have been abandoned to “ each of us doing our own thing”. Our world view determines our culture and the future of this nation. James Madison summed up the hopes of our founders when he said, “ We have staked the whole future of American civilization not on government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self government, upon the capacity of each of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God”. If we fail the vision put before us we allow our nation to become a common thing.

Our political system is not embattled in a grid-lock of wills, but in a grid-lock of world view.
Every generation must answer the question for themselves, who will we serve ? Joshua in his day said “As for me and my family, we will serve the the Lord “. Our generation must soon decide whether we are the King’s kids or whether we are a monkey’s uncle.


  1. Thank you Tom! Well written words that are full of wisdom. I would only add that most people seem to think they reside in an area in-between the two world views — a world that is in reality a mishmash of ever-enticing distractions, powerful but contradictory influences, diabolical half-truths, and blatantly subversive agendas. It has been said that the devil is the author of confusion. I believe the Bible confirms that in verse, and in its totality.
    We of the first world view you spoke of are fortunate enough to have a clear and navigable path through all the confusion. We know to respond to others with love, and to try to reach hearts rather that win over opposing intellects. We know to pray for those who will not see… even for those who would make it their aim to pervert and mock the truth.
    I am forever grateful to share fellowship with others who show the courage to boldly take a stand — to not compromise away our inheritance. Thank you all (and you know who you are!)

  2. Very well written and well done. Thanks Tom. I am blessed to be your friend.

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