AFP-SD needs volunteers for Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is calling citizens across the country to inform them of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court and his superb qualifications and to urge them to contact their senators to urge them to vote his confirmation. Gorsuch is a qualified judge who adheres to the rule of law, does not legislate from the bench, believes in limited government, supports the sanctity of private property, and deeply respects the Constitution. There is currently an empty Supreme Court seat, and it is extremely important that Neil Gorsuch be confirmed as quickly as possible in a clean, expedited process so that we will have another strong conservative on the Court to protect the Constitution and our rights.

As part of these efforts, AFP-SD volunteers at the AFP offices in Rapid City and Sioux Falls will be participating in a nationwide calling day on Saturday. Coffee, soft drinks, donuts and other snacks, and lunch will be provided by AFP, and every volunteer receives a free t-shirt. Further details and a registration form can be accessed via the hyperlinks below:

Sioux Falls:

Rapid City:

Benjamin Lee | State Director | Americans for Prosperity – South Dakota

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