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Guest Writer: Pastor Jon Potter

Do you remember the days gone by when people were shocked to hear a curse word come out of one’s mouth?  Do you remember in our culture when Gone With The Wind shocked audiences as Rhett Butler told Scarlet O’Hare in not so many words that he didn’t care what happened to her?  Now these words are in practically every form of entertainment and media.  Even if parents want to guard their children’s eyes and ears, there seems to be very few opportunities to filter the garbage out.

One organization has made filtering possible at an affordable price.  The name of the company is VidAngel.  They purchase DVD’s and Television shows on your behalf and then give you the ability to edit what you see and what you hear by streaming it through your television.  When it comes to filtering entertainment, I am reminded of the children’s song: “be careful little ears what you hear….be careful little eyes what you see….for the father up above is looking down on us.”

I am a concerned pastor and parent that if we do not stand up for families in the avenue of entertainment now, the laws will be set in place and our justice system will not move on the subject because in the time of need we remained silent.    Hollywood is suing VidAngel and despite the Family Act of 2005 they lost their first case.  VidAngel before being shut down had 1 million customers and they grossed 10 million dollars in revenue.  So they do have the ability to take this to a higher court.

Where do you come in?  By communicating with our respected congress men and women to amend the Family Act of 2005 to include a clause that makes it even more clear that streamed filtering is legal.  As an advocate for family I understand that the parent is primarily responsible for guarding and protecting our children’s eyes and ears.  But if you take away the resources to do so we are sending the message that the only way to guard our families in our homes is to completely disengage from culture.  In an age when conservative Judeo-Christian values have almost moved from being respected to being attacked, those who hold to these values must act.

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Respectfully submitted,
Pastor Jon Potter

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