Rise of the Watchmen

Can you feel it?

There’s change in the air. Enough Americans voted for a change in focus, a change in direction, a change in leadership. After years of praying and planning, Watchmen on the Wall, Family Research Council’s ministry to pastors and church leaders, now hears the shofar signaling the beginning of a new rebirth in America…….change, repentance.

Watchmen on the Wall of South Dakota heard the call and convened a conference, both in Sioux Falls and Rapid City, to mobilize, energize and ignite courage in our pastors and church leaders. Hundreds came to listen to Family Research Council’s Executive Vice President Lt. General Jerry Boykin and National Field Director Randy Wilson call for the Rise of the Watchmen. They were joined by South Dakota’s own Pastor Scott Craig, Family Research Council’s State Chairman, Pastors Philip Shively, John Dennis and Doug Clark along with State Coordinator for both the Billy Graham Evangelical Association and National Day of Prayer Amy Wagner, Act for America State Chapter Leader Amy Willson and church elder, Doug Noyes ignite passion and direction in the attendees.

What were the pastors and church leaders encouraged to do? Rise now to: 1) Pray for our nation, 2) Preach the whole counsel of God without apology, and 3) Partner with other pastors who will lead their churches to become the salt and light Jesus spoke about and make a positive difference in their communities, state, and our nation. It has started right here in South Dakota.

As only an infantry and Delta Force commander could, General Boykin inspired all with his practical vision to win the battle to transform America, led by pastors and church leaders, to stand boldly for the Biblical worldview on which it was founded and thrived.

I could feel it, see it in the eyes and determined posture of those leaving.

Godspeed, Watchmen.  Rise!!!

Video from this event should be posted by next E-News

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