Our Friend Del Tackett Takes On Creation Debate

Many of you remember Dr. Del Tackett, who helped distribute Bibles to your Iowa legislators in 2015 and who spoke at the 2016 Family Leadership Summit.

Now Dr. Tackett is engaging in a one-night-only movie theater event on Thursday, Feb. 23, called “Is Genesis History?
It will be playing at the Rapid City 10, formerly Carmike Cinema Thursday, February 23rd at 7pm.
230 Knollwood Drive
Rapid City, SD

Tackett, creator of “The Truth Project,” embarks on a journey to answer some of the most controversial questions of our time: Was the world really created in six days? What major events may have occurred to shape it? Was there a global flood? A Big Bang?

Watch the film’s trailer here:

Regardless of where you land in the debates over creation, you can be certain – as we’ve seen at the Family Leadership Summit – Dr. Tackett will be sure to challenge your thinking!

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