SD SOS Visits The FHA

shantel-at-fhaFHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher and the FHA Board of Directors were honored to welcome South Dakota’s Secretary of State Shantel Krebs to our Rapid City office on Tuesday, December 13.  A number of public policy issues were discussed and, as is more than appropriate, this session closed in prayer led by FHA Board Chair Scott Craig.

The last time our paths crossed was September 27 during this year’s FHA Stand Banquet in Sioux Falls, SD.  It was there that we had the privilege of awarding Shantel with our William Wilberforce, Elected Official Leadership Award. On that night Dale Bartscher introduced Shantel with these words:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, standing here before you tonight is not only a POLITICIAN, but rather a STATES-LADY.  Shantel Krebs, is truly a modern day William WilberforceWilliam Wilberforce was tenacious – taking on the long, lonely fights in the British Empire when nobody else would.  Why?  Because it was the right thing to do.  While serving for 10-years in the South Dakota State Legislature Shantel Krebs fought for and voted for our “Family Values” time and time again.  And now as our Secretary of State she continues to run this high office of great responsibility with a flare of excellence.  Friends, you can take this statement to the BANK….”South Dakota Family Values has a friend in Secretary of State Shantel Krebs.”

Following this recent sit-down FHA conversation Shantel wrote:  “The Family Heritage Alliance has been on the frontline fighting for our religious freedom. Our country and state face imminent decisions in the coming year. As new leaders take office and our legislative session begins, I thank the FHA for their prayers, guidance and leadership defending our constitutional way of life at all levels of government.”

May God continue to bless Shantel and all those SD Elected Officials who serve the citizens of SD with dedication and wisdom which comes from above!

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