Mr. Bartscher & Woods Go To Washington

dale-norman-in-front-of-washington-memorialFHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher and FHA Staff Member Norman Woods participated in the Alliance Defending Freedom’s 2016 Allies Workshop held November 29-30 in Washington, DC.    The theme of this two-day conference was “State-Based Strategies to Safeguard Constitutionally Protected Freedoms.

It was a time when all 40 State Family Policy Council Directors, and a staff member from each, came together post-election to discuss key issues on the horizon, and strategize on how best to protect freedoms coming under attack in 2017. Topics included strategies to protect First Amendment freedoms in the current climate, defeat laws that add sexual orientation and gender identity as classifications (SOGIs), safeguard the privacy and safety of all students, and preserve academic freedom on university campuses.

dale-norman-at-allies-workshop-2016-compositeOur time together gave us all renewed strength as we prepare for the tasks that lie ahead, and encouragement that we do not fight these battles alone, but as an alliance.  Norman and I came away with clearer goals and the resources to proactively preserve freedom in the halls of the South Dakota legislature and in the court of public opinion.

Norman wrote the following of this experience,
With the SD Legislative session fast approaching, it was encouraging to sit down and receive not only training, but also empowerment from ADF. Sitting in a room full of powerhouses has a way of giving you boldness. And it impresses the weight of the task ahead. Now we put our nose to the grindstone, and hammer out the details of what this upcoming session will look like.

We sincerely thank ADF, one of our National FHA Partners, for presenting this workshop with a flare of excellence.  We do look forward to a continued working relationship with them in the critical months ahead.

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