Happy New Years

Just one day left in 2016. Would you please consider linking arms with us financially one more time before the end of the year?

Every year, Family Heritage Alliance Action goes into the legislative session ready to meet any challenge and create every opportunity to drive the conversation and produce solid, life-affirming and family-focused policy. We also will likely have our hands full fighting bad legislation this session because of the renewed commitment on the left to add ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ into SD law as a special protected class of citizens.  The SD Gaming Commission’s ceaseless push to expand gambling in our state always keeps us on our toes at the Capitol as we fight back against these pieces of legislation.

In 2017, that will likely mean working to protect women and children from statewide laws that infringe on their privacy in showers, restrooms and locker rooms.  We will be there.

Planned Parenthood once again will work to undo and oppose common sense measures to protect innocent pre-born life. Because of the Trump election, this abortion giant is apparently raising unprecedented amounts of money from donors eager to undermine pro-life measures. We will oppose California and Oregon style physician assisted suicide laws.  And we will be there – not only at the legislature, but we will be working to change hearts and minds in an effort to ultimately make abortion unthinkable and defend life from its very beginning to its natural end.

We need you there with us because we cannot do our part without you.

At no other time is your partnership with Family Heritage Alliance more critical than right now!
It has been said that due to the 2016 elections there is a mindset that organizations like Family Heritage Alliance and FHA Action can stand down. That our work isn’t needed.

Quite the opposite! Our advocacy is needed now more than ever. You know you can count on us championing your family’s cherished freedoms, and we need you to stand with us as we move forward together!

Please take two minutes – right now – and make your tax-deductible year end contribution! Remember that donations to Family Heritage Alliance are tax-deductible.  Donations to our sister organization, FHA Action, are not but are equally important.

This year, we’ve kept our commitment to drive the conversation, mobilize the grassroots, and expand our reach.  Please make your commitment to us, and let’s continue this worthy effort together in 2017!

Please note: Mailed checks must be postmarked by December 31, 2016, and any debit/credit card donations must be processed by midnight, December 31, 2016, to count as a 2016 charitable donation. If you’re making a debit/credit card donation, we encourage you to call our office at 605-718-5433 or go online to make your gift.

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