Governor Daugaard’s Budget Address

gov-budget-address2On the first Tuesday after the first Monday in December, the Governor of South Dakota is constitutionally required to deliver his budget plan to the Legislature. This past Tuesday Governor Dennis Daugaard did just that and your FHA Action team was present in the House Gallery to see and hear it live.

Executive Director Dale Bartscher, Norman Woods and Ed Randazzo arrived in Pierre in time to visit with legislators both before and after the Address. We renewed some friendships and initiated some with the newly elected. We even stopped at Dale’s favorite McDonalds on the way back home.

We are encouraged by the warm reception we enjoyed and look forward to this 2017 session with high hopes and solid legislative goals.

By the way, the Capitol is stunning with the ever-growing number of decorated Christmas trees inside the historic building. Don’t miss it again this year.


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