Same-Sex Marriage Seminar Held in Sioux Falls

same-sex-marriage-seminarThe Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church of Sioux Falls was the excellent host location for the FHA’s “A Modern Day Cover-Up” Seminar held on Saturday, November 12.  FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher, Policy Analyst Ed Randazzo, along with FHA’s Sioux Falls Representative LaVonne Fosness prepared both the room and the 45 attendees for what they were about to experience.  The Seminar’s Keynote Speaker, Pastor John McWilliams, of Florida, presented – The Facts Many Pro Same-Sex Christians Are Keeping Secret!   This seminar was entitled “A Modern Day Cover Up” because many pro same-sex Christians are aware of the inherent dangers of these relationships, but yet they refuse to talk about them and many actually refuse to acknowledge that the dangers even exist.  Pastor John said,Whatever your opinion is about same-sex marriage, it should be based on and backed up by actual facts, versus what people may simply be claiming to be fact.”

Pastor McWilliams was very well received as he handled this very sensitive, emotional topic with ‘Truth in Love’.  He recently wrote Dale Bartscher saying:

This is just a short letter to say thanks again for all you and the staff at FHA did to make my time in S. D. so fruitful.  I really appreciate all you did to support my coming out there and teaching.  I felt very good about the way things went and have received good feedback about the seminar.  Thanks again.  God Bless you.  In Christ, John

larsen-dale-mcWe are also blessed by FHA Partner Kerry Larsen of Sioux Falls, pictured here with Pastor Mcwilliams and Dale Bartscher.  Kerry was the inspiration for this Seminar and personally responsible for inviting many of those attending that day.   Yes, we are stronger and better together!

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