The Upcoming Vote and the American Christian | Editorial

By Dr. Tom Udager
Dr. Udager is a former board member of Family Heritage Alliance, and continues to support our mission and work.

Dr. Udager’s views do not necessarily reflect the view of the FHA Board, and we certainly have valued constituents on both sides of this complicated issue.

tomudagerPolitics in the U.S. has many times reflected a T.V. soap opera, and this year’s presidential race surely qualifies. Each candidate portrays the other as being morally compromised and unqualified to serve as president. It is possible that they are both right, but the fact is that one of them will be elected our next president on November 8th.

I hear many Christians say that they cannot vote for Mr. Trump because of their moral convictions. I personally have difficulty remembering when we last had a morally pure man in the president’s office. I believe that those that are condemning Mr. Trump are suffering from a very strong bout of self-righteous indignation. Scripture tells us “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” The arrogance of Mr. Trump compels him to boast of his shortcomings, while most of us are content to have them hidden. The secular press has deemed that sexual harassment is the sin d’ajour and condemns the guilty party to exile. They appeal to our self-righteous leanings by painting Mr. Trump with a scarlet brush while we apply a white-wash to our own sins.

I believe that the Bible has a much clearer understanding of sin than our secular press does. Envy, a haughty spirit, gossip, jealousy are all sins and I don’t see them listed in any particular order of severity. The Bible does say that fear is a lack of faith and that pride comes before the fall, so maybe they carry a little more weight. Do any of you standing on the moral high ground recognize any of the above shortcomings in your own lives? I most certainly do and I will not be throwing the first stone at Mr. Trump.  If you can restrain yourselves, consider this; we are not charged with picking the most moral candidate, but we are charged with picking the candidate that will protect the citizens of this nation and respect the laws and the constitution as written by our founders.

As I see it Mr. Trump will protect and respect our borders, he is pro-life, strong on the 1st amendment, believes in the constitution and indicates a preference for conservative pro-life justices for the Supreme Court. Mrs. Clinton is an advocate for globalism, one world government, socialism, abortion, a weak military and increased taxation. Christians have an obligation to be involved in their government. Scripture directs us to be good stewards of what God has given us- the most free and prosperous nation known to man. We are obligated to put a president into office that will fulfill that challenge.

Remember to vote on November 8th. I’ll see you at the polls.

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