“Seven Duties” Tour Bookends South Dakota


As I head into the LifeLight Festival preparations, I look back over a very successful tour with Dr. Allen Unruh.  The Tour began in Rapid City, jumped across the state to Aberdeen, and concluded in Sioux Falls.  It was a great time of networking and encouragement.

The Black Hills Area FHA Luncheon was held on Tuesday, August 30, with #125 FHA Friends in attendance.  Bishop Gruss was a very gracious host and the Cathedral was once again a great venue for our luncheon.  Our hats are off to Debra Watson and her team for a wonderful meal.  Dr. Allen Unruh was terrific and Tess Franzen brought us up-to-speed on the opposition to Human Trafficking in our great state.  Following the luncheon I traveled with Mark Skogerboe of John Witherspoon College to Aberdeen.

In Aberdeen, we spent the night at the home of SD Representative Al and Cathy Novstrup.  The Aberdeen event was held on Wednesday, August 31, with #30 FHA Friends in attendance.  We so appreciate the hospitality of Pastor Randy Battey of the Calvary Baptist Church.  We had all three Republican Legislative Candidates in attendance.

We are so grateful to Bill and Carol Myers for hosting Mark and me for the five nights we are here in Sioux Falls.  Upon arriving in Sioux Falls, Mark and I were invited on Wednesday night to a meeting of the ‘Constitutional National Committee’.  Then on Thursday the First Evangelical Free Church and Pastor Randy Anderson hosted our luncheon where #75 patriots gathered. In addition to Dr. Unruh’s excellent session, we were also honored by representatives in attendance from Senator Thune’s and Representative Noem’s offices.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Ed Randazzo for assisting in the photography work! As always, a host of volunteers invest their time in helping make these events special. To each, our deepest gratitude. Amy Willson and LaVonne Fosness, thanks for all you do all the time, but especially on projects like this.

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The Seven Duties of a Christian Citizen video is provided below.

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