A Monthly Gathering of Patriots

patriots2President Abraham Lincoln rightly said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”  Well, Dean and Tammy Hacken of rural New Underwood, SD, are doing just that as they host a monthly ‘Gathering of Patriots’ in their home for the purpose of praying for our Country and her leadership.

On Monday evening, September 12, I was invited to the Hacken’s Ranch in order to share with Dean, Tammy and about 50 of their family and friends concerning the mission of the Family Heritage Alliance and the importance of our up and coming election, November 8, 2016.  I was welcomed as ‘family’ among these salt of the earth Patriots one and all.

Tammy wrote me following that evening’s experience:  “Dale, Thank you for being our guest speaker!  We received many thanks for hosting this event. Your message resonated so well with the folks that attended and we heard great feedback about what you shared.  We really appreciate what you do for South Dakota!”  Truth be known – it is I who must thank the Hackens!  I thank them for their willingness to be led of God in the opening of their hearts and home to their neighbors and friends for this purpose of prayer and inspiration for “such a time as this”.

The vision for this amazing gathering began when Tammy and her daughter decided to attend the Franklin Graham’s Decision America Tour event on the front lawn of the South Dakota State Capitol on Tuesday, May 24.  Tammy then wrote me saying, “It was during my morning devotions after the event that the Lord impressed it upon me that I do something. So I shared with Dean that we should host these meetings in our home on a monthly basis up to election month. He was in agreement. Personally Dale I’m saddened that more folks are not doing the very same thing. There is a lack of apathy for this nation’s future and it concerns me as a Christian.  I’m greatly concerned about our daughter’s future and her freedom to live freely as a Christian in America.”

patriots1I look forward to returning to the Hacken Ranch soon as a participant among this ‘Gathering of Patriots’.  May what the Hacken’s have created here be an inspirational blueprint for other such gatherings across our great state.  By the way, the evening’s program concluded with an emotional singing of “God Bless America!”  How fitting!

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