Phil Haney Event Bookends the State


By Judy Willem

Editor’s Note: The image to the right shows Amy Willson (Act For America SD Coordinator, and Phil Haney)

Phil Haney spoke in Rapid City on Friday, August 5th where 175 attended and Saturday, August 6th, in Sioux Falls, where 90 attended. Haney was brought to South Dakota by “Act for America SD”, and Family Heritage Alliance.  Phil spoke for an hour and a half.

For more than 20 years prior to 9-11, Phil worked with farmers as an entomologist, studying insects. His specialty was ants. Phil became one of the first to implement pest management with the use of “good” bugs. He worked with farmers all over the world including the Middle East where he developed an interest in languages, cultures and the meaning of names. He learned to read and speak Arabic. Phil worked for the Department of Agriculture. After 9-11 the Department of Homeland Security was formed of which Phil was a founding member. Immigration, customs, and agriculture joined as “One Face at the Border” whether US air, land, or seaports. Officially Phil was an agriculture officer, but he was also doing the intelligence work of an armed Customs and Border Protection officer. “Finding terrorists is just like working with ants”, Phil said. “You watch their behavior, follow the trail and find the nest.”

The goal of Jihad is to submit the world to Sharia Law which is incompatible with our US Constitution. Phil became very good at documenting suspicious individuals and connecting the dots. Phil dated everything out of habit. He also knew shorthand so he took notes at all the meetings as some are uncomfortable if they know a meeting is being taped. At about this time the war in Iraq was winding down and events in Afghanistan were evolving rapidly.  Phil wrote a report entitled “Green Tide Rising” based solely on his own expertise in Middle East affairs. It was published by the website FrontPage Magazine on March 16, 2006 and can still be found there.

During his nearly 14-year career at Department of Homeland security Phil was investigated 9 times. The first after he shared his article “Green Tide Rising”. He was accused of unethically accessing classified information to write the article. Phil Haney is a man of integrity and the investigation yielded no evidence of wrongdoing. In 2006 Customs started giving tours revealing sensitive counterterrorism procedures to representatives of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) at major airports like O’Hare to prove that they weren’t profiling Muslims. By March 2012 the DHS had moved from a law-enforcement-based approach to national security to a civil rights based policy emphasizing protecting civil rights not of American citizens, but particularly of Muslims, both citizens and foreigners who in many instances are associated with a threat to the nation’s security. In August of 2012 while Phil was on vacation, the department deleted all his files. After identifying over 300 persons with possible connections to terrorism the DHS deleted 67 files to be exact, that included passport numbers, personal data and background information. Three years later there was the San Bernardino attack that killed 14. With the information they deleted, Phil could have stopped it. Now DHS urges, “If you see something, say something.” But when Phil Haney, front-line officer, intelligence expert, and founding member of the Department of Homeland Security saw something, he went above and beyond the call of duty to say something. But the Obama administration responded not with gratefulness, but with orders to eliminate the information and launch an investigation against Haney. Phil retired honorably in July 2015. Then he gathered all his notes and in 17 days wrote the book “See Something, Say Nothing”. Now he is on a book signing tour all over the United States lecturing the truth about the DHS and the threat to our constitution.

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