Water Fountains, Restrooms, and the Biblical Worldview

waterfountainsIt wasn’t self-evident to Mussolini. It totally escaped Hitler’s notice. And time would fail me to talk about how down through the ages, men like Stalin, Lenin, Khan, Zedong, and Hussein missed it as well. So how is it that our Founding Fathers came to the conclusion that there are certain truths that are self-evident; truths like all men are created equal and their creator endows them with certain rights that can’t be taken from them? Well, I thought you would never ask! A person has to be looking at the world through a certain set of lenses in order for these truths to present themselves. Without the biblical worldview, which was held in high esteem by the Founding Fathers, a person will not arrive at the notion that these aforementioned truths exist or are self-evident. But once you have a pair of “biblical worldview spectacles” on, these truths are as plain as the nose on your face. You can’t miss them.

I get that it took a while for the culture to catch on, but the emancipation of slaves, the women’s suffrage movement, and the civil rights movement, were propelled by the power of these self-evident, biblical worldview truths. I also get that there is work yet to be done. There is still racial injustice and inequity going on in this country, and to ignore it is folly. I realize that the last statement will get me some email and comments, but let’s be realistic. This article however, is not about race.

Having set the stage, let me quickly get to the reason for this article. Recently, the Sioux Falls City Council made the decision to amend certain city codes. These amendments would have added transgender people (created in God’s image and endowed with certain rights) to an ever growing list of “protected classes”. A debate ensued. This article is not about that debate.¬† It is, however, about something that happened therein. In the midst of said debate, an unnamed group out of San Diego, sent the postcard (pictured above) across the state of South Dakota. Wow! Seriously?

Pardon me while I rant for a moment. If my U.S. History serves me, the “left” was seriously on the wrong side of that history during the civil rights era. It was people, all shades of people, who saw the world through biblical values (and a few who didn’t), who risked life and social standing to champion justice for an entire race of people. It was pastors and churches and church-going folks from across this country who rallied around a race of individuals. So, Mr. San Diego, don’t wrap your experimental pet social issue in civil rights packaging as if you had anything at all to do with that movement. You didn’t. And neither did the folks back in the 60’s who saw the world through your set of lenses.

This isn’t about hate or ignorance or bigotry. The same worldview that gave rise to the civil rights movement also values the biblical definitions for things like marriage, gender, and sexuality. The same Bible that says God created all races, also says God made them “male and female”, not an endless spectrum between those two extremes. If you are going to plant your rainbow flag in the Bible’s “equality doctrine”, then don’t throw the hate card when I plant my flag in the Biblical definitions regarding marriage, gender, and sexuality. At the very least, give us some of that tolerance you were touting two years ago. Whatever happened to that tolerance thing anyway? Funny how that works isn’t it?

Now, I almost said a word or two about the insult to the black community that this postcard represents. However, I don’t have the skin tone to comment on that. I have no earthly idea what it is like to be anything other than white, and would never take it upon myself to speak on a topic like that. However, if you would like to read an article by someone who definitely does have the qualifications to discuss the matter, click here.

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