S.D. Senators Stand Against Obama Administration’s Transgender Executive Order

Mike_Rounds_official_Senate_portrait (1) John_Thune,_official_portrait,_111th_Congress (1)As most are well aware, the Obama Administration recently penned an executive order pressuring public schools across the country to submit to the extremist “bathroom” policies currently being fought on so many levels.  It often seems we have fallen down “the rabbit hole” so to speak.  With the threat of the loss of federal money hanging over the heads of already financially struggling school systems, it doesn’t seem very feasible to resist.  However, the good news is as follows:  Our Senator Thune and Senator Rounds have signed on to a Senate Letter on this issue.  We have included the letter for you.  Click here.  We are so thankful that our Senatorial Delegation to D.C. is willing to stand up and take a leadership role in this conflict that promises to be a long and difficult one.

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