Parental Authority and Local School Autonomy Crumble Under New Obama “Guidance”

It’s Friday the 13th and perhaps, the reputation that day has accumulated through the years may prove to be justified.  Today, the Obama administration sent “guidance” to schools throughout the country directing school administrators to allow self-identified “transgender” students to use the restrooms, locker rooms, and changing areas of their choice.  Whereas Mr. Obama’s “guidance” asserts no new “requirements to applicable law,” it’s handling of Title XI appears to have legal teeth.  As has been the case for the duration of Mr. Obama’s administration, parental authority, local school autonomy, and the right of the states to decide issues like these once again grumble under the weight of the President’s pen.

In response to this latest turn of events, our Attorney General, Marty Jackley issued the following press release:

Attorney General Jackley’s Response to President Obama’s School Bathroom Mandate

martyjackleyPIERRE, S.D. – The President of the United States, through the U.S. Department of Education, today issued a letter that has established a requirement that every public school district in the country allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that match the student’s chosen gender identity and further threatening federal civil rights litigation and education funding withholdings.

“President Obama does not have the legal authority to mandate South Dakota schools and parents to require our children to share locker rooms and bathrooms with children of the opposite sex. While there are opportunities for state lawmakers and school districts to address the transgender issue in a nondiscriminatory manner, this mandate and threat of lawsuits and withholding of education funding for children is not a proper approach. Likewise, any harassment that targets a student based on transgender identity is not appropriate nor permissible under the law. I am and will continue discussing the federal mandate and the proper action with other State Attorneys General,” said Jackley.

Our Executive Director, Dale Bartscher penned the following reply to the Attorney General’s Office:

dale_no_tie3Thank you for sending me the Attorney General Jackley’s PRESS RELEASE concerning President Obama’s School Bathroom Mandate.  The Family Heritage Alliance’s Board of Directors stand proud to call Marty Jackley our state’s Attorney General.  The protection and physical privacy of ALL of our South Dakota public school students ought to be our main concern and Attorney General Jackley has certainly struck an appropriate and principled tone in this Press Release.  Thousands of South Dakota students, parents, and grandparents stand with him in this common sense approach to student protection and privacy.  Please convey our most sincere appreciation for his action taken today.  Now, we anticipate the needed future action on this issue by Marty and other conservative AG’s as it pertains to our President’s drastic overreach of authority and power.

Have a great weekend my friend.


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