A Little Light Through the Storm

Editor’s Note:  This article was co-written by John Dennis and Ed Randazzo

When a governor signs a bill that runs counter to the left’s agenda, Hollywood and major corporations threaten to boycott the state.  But when conservatives get involved and take a stand on our values or boycott some corporation, the storm descends with accusations of ‘hatred and bigotry in action’.  Well, you need to know that even in the eye of the storm, there are occasional glimpses of light.

Target Boycott

targetTake for instance the boycott on the Target Corporation.  Though Target seems to be standing firm on their commitment to remove gender from their products and restrooms, American Family Association reports that the boycott seems to be making an impact.  1.25 million have signed onto the AFA’s boycott and since the boycott began in late April, Target stock has fallen 20%.  That is a whopping $10 billion dollars from the overall shareholder value of the company (AFA sited Breitbart News as their source on this).  Though other factors are at work on the company’s stock value, it appears that they may be feeling some heat.  By the way, if you signed the boycott pledge, please honor that.  The pledge only has teeth if you vote with your purchases, or in this case, the lack thereof.

Sioux Falls SOGI Ordinance

Another glimmer of hope…Your voice was heard!


FHA Action Stakeholders Meeting May 19

Recently we learned that the Sioux Falls City Council was set to approve the most invasive and overreaching “SOGI” (Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity) Ordinance amendments in the nation.  This was the Human Relations Ordinance (HRO) CH 98.

FHA Action, along with other godly stakeholders including Liberty Counsel, Focus on the Family, and others, mobilized to oppose this dangerous attempt to make those grappling with sexual orientation issues and gender identity issues a protected class of citizens. If successful, this amendment to the Sioux Falls Human Rights Ordinance would have forced not only the City of Sioux Falls but businesses and even churches to comply, even if it was counter to their religious or moral convictions.

Your voice was heard. The mobilization has already produced limited success as the Sioux Falls City Attorney’s office has requested that this Ordinance Amendment (HRO CH 98) be withdrawn from the Council’s June 14th prepared agenda.  ABC’s Sioux Falls affiliate, KSFY files this report.  We will continue to be vigilant; however, as it is likely that some form of SOGI amendment will be forthcoming.

Already we know of the intent to amend another Sioux Falls Ordinance that would include gender identity protection in employment by the City of Sioux Falls.  This is the HRO CH 39.  FHA Action will oppose its passage.

FHA Action assures you that they will continue to make sure your voice is heard and will inform you of further developments in Sioux Falls and across our great state.

Lt. General Jerry Boykin (ret.)

And one last little glimmer of hope.  We had this article queued up for last week’s enews but held it at the last minute pending some additional research.

monumental_boykinLt. General Jerry Boykin (ret.) has been a valiant warrior both on the field of battle and in defense of this country’s founding principles.  He also serves as Executive Vice President of one of our partner organization, Family Research Council.  He has often been featured at FHA events.  For the past nine years, General Boykin has taught leadership and ethics at Hampden-Sydney College.  Recently, due to his characteristically outspoken nature on all issues moral and political, he has run afoul (as those who know him can imagine) with the radical left and their agenda.  Apparently, a large number of activists signed on to a letter to the college demanding his release.

Another one bites the dust to political correctness and the absolute intolerance of the radical left!

Boykin was one of the original members of the U.S. Army’s Delta Force.  He eventually went on to command Delta Force in combat operations.  Later, he would command all of the Army’s Green Berets as well as the Special Warfare Center and School.  He is an ordained minister and the father of five.

The good news?  Hampden-Sydney College has reversed its decision to dismiss Boykin after reports of his dismissal provoked a nationwide outcry.  The Lt. General has been offered a one-year contract.

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