FHA Executive Director and Michele Bachmann

dale and micheleOn April 12 John Witherspoon College (JWC) held it’s fourth annual SCHOLARSHARE Banquet with special guest Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.  The Rapid City Civic Center LaCroix Hall was filled with 250+ passionately committed JWC friends and partners.  FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher was present as he serves as the Vice-Chair on the JWC Board of Directors.  JWC is a Bible-Anchored, Christ-Centered, People-Focused, Kingdom-Driven College offering a Classical Christian Education.  JWC grants degrees, but getting a degree is not the same as getting an education.  Education at JWC prepares a person for a calling, not just  a career.  JWC is radically traditional…unapologetically Christian.

A powerful challenge was delivered from former Presidential Candidate and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  She is one of America’s most articulate defenders of the values we hold dear.  It is the FHA’s anticipation, along with Michele’s, that she will return to South Dakota as a guest of the FHA to continue her fight for that which is right.  Stay tuned for an announcement of this future event!!!

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