How would you describe the state of our State?

dale_no_tie3Did you ever think it would come to this in the United States: marriage redefined, religious freedom in danger, gender confusion, and restrictions on free speech in the marketplace? America is in trouble.

The picture is bleak, but there is hope—not in any political party, but only in Jesus Christ. He can change our nation by transforming lives, one heart at a time.

If you are a typical South Dakotan, your perspective may be influenced by exhaustion, disappointment, and uncertainty. If you can get past these feelings, a broader range of emotions, including godly sorrow and righteous indignation, may burden your heart for intercession.

But what is in God’s heart, and how can we pray for South Dakota from His vantage point? 

The FHA believes that praying according to our Almighty God’s vantage point means a “bottom-up” approach to prayer in addition to a “top-down” approach. While we seek to continue to encourage believers to intercede for our state and national leaders, we also understand that revival is this nation’s only hope – and revival must start in the hidden hearts of individuals and corners of ordinary communities.

Recently I received the following e-mail from a South Dakotan named Lynda.  She blessed the FHA as she wrote:

Dale – I’m sending this to encourage you and Family Heritage Alliance with the story from Nehemiah 1:1-10, where Nehemiah’s first response when he heard about Jerusalem was to stop everything and pray – a good first step in any situation!  He accomplished great things for his people because he asked great things of our great God and relied on Him.

My prayer is that God will open eyes to the needs of our country, and help FHA become passionate and creative problem-solvers who continue to bless others … that He will help FHA choose not to give in to despair or apathy, but to look to Him for help in doing the task at hand … that He will help FHA walk with Him and not run from the needs of our country!

May God bless you and keep you, and prosper His work through you and the FHA, In His love, Lynda”

Lynda is RIGHT!  We not only believe that transformation can happen, but that it is God’s urgent desire for the state of South Dakota and beyond.  FHA’s vision is to see community after community experience God’s transforming presence, ultimately transforming the nation from the bottom up.

Please join with me in consistently and fervently praying for our State and Nation as together we influence public policy for Christ.

Then, plan now to join us in Pierre on Tuesday, May 24, as we welcome Franklin Graham and his Decision America Team to the front steps of our State Capitol at high noon (CST).

“The nations will put their hope in [Jesus’] name.”

– Matthew 12:21, HCSB


  1. Dale,
    This was a very timely message and one that tugs at my heart profoundly. I fear for our country and state, I ache for God’s heart as I know He must be hurting. Even our father in heaven feels the pain of rejection, especially when He gave his only son for our sinfullness. I am praying and will pray for our great State of South Dakota, our nation and FHA.

  2. Dale, I thank God for FHA and your service to God and your fellow man. I continue to follow the local, state and federal governmental actions. I must admit it does get discouraging at times. I called Jim Seward, an old friend in the Governor’s administration. I know Jim is a Godly, man expressed my disappointment with the Governor especially with the gender issue. Jim’s comment was, “Bill, you know as well as I do that we are in the last days. Be prepared for these disappointments.” Dale, continue to labor in the vineyards for what is right. Our God will reward you.

    Bill Nachatilo

  3. Priscilla Lindsay

    Yes, oh yes, God can turn our nation around! I’ve been hearing more hopeful reactions (from Christian leaders to my local brothers and sisters in Christ), as God is getting our hearts in line with His–we are praying for our country’s revival and renewal and a serious mindset on the things of God…only He can do it in and through us…and if it’s not His will, at the very least we can be secure in His plan for us. God bless us all!

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