On Gators, Swamps, and SD Apologetics

sdapologeticsAround the FHA offices, we often use the phrase that “public policy is downstream from worldview”.  If I knew who coined that phrase, I would gladly give the person credit.  Whoever it was, they were exactly correct.  The problems in this amazing country of ours, all of them, stem from deep within the soul of our country.  These problems have their root in worldview and in our spirituality (or lack thereof).  Another phrase you hear from time to time goes like this: “we are too busy killing gators to drain the swamp.”  I am sure that adage has its origin in Texas or Louisiana, but it works ok for this little article as well.  Of late, it seems so much of our work as believers has just been fighting off the gators (problems and crises) when the worldview swamp is actually the origin of said gators.  So it is that of the three pillars of the FHA organization (Faith, Family, and Freedom), faith comes first.  Our job is certainly to defend those three precious values in Pierre or D.C., or wherever a threat may rise, but we are also about strengthening churches, networking God’s people, and engaging the culture in a way that changes hearts and creates faith in God.

I am excited to tell you about a group that is gaining traction in South Dakota.  They have as their mission to “drain the swamp” (so to speak).  They are (drum roll please) South Dakota Apologetics, and they have a laser beam focus on making a reasoned case for God and for His Son, Jesus the Christ (to Whom all praise is due).  The group is led by three Rapid City guys (Justin Hornbaker, Mathew Irwin, and Brian Johnson), but they have a much larger vision than Rapid.  They are busy setting up apologetics satellite groups around the state, and no doubt, will be setting one up near you.

I have to say in closing, after interviewing these guys last week I was very impressed with their heart and methods.  Their approach is intellectual, but not arrogant or flashy, and they are not about winning arguments but winning the minds and hearts of our culture.  So take a look at their new website, and their Facebook page.  You are going to be hearing a lot about these folks in the future.  Remember, you heard it first from Family Heritage Alliance.

By the way, we have a “Stand to Reason” event coming up in September.  South Dakota Apologetics will be collaborating and partnering with us on that project.  Stay tuned for details.

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