Nearly 600 Attend Human Trafficking Community Awareness Night in Rapid City

htconferenceIn 2013 the Family Heritage Alliance rallied a group of concerned citizens to address the need of raising awareness around the issue of Human Trafficking (H.T.) in South Dakota.  This group would later adopt the name South Dakota West River Human Trafficking Task Force.  Today this Task Force has grown to include some 30 different organizations all committed to raising awareness on this horrible blight on humanity.

On Wednesday evening, January 6, nearly 600 concerned people from across Western South Dakota were in attendance at the Rapid City Elks Theatre for a H.T. Community Awareness Night sponsored by this West River HT Task Force.  They came, from every walk of life, all for the purpose of becoming more aware of HUMAN TRAFFICKING which is the illegal trade of humans against their will for the purposes of sexual exploitation, forced labor or modern-day slavery.

The evening began with the showing of the 21-minute shocking true story titled:  CHOSEN.  This was a gripping new documentary from Shared Hope International which was released nationwide to open hearts and eyes to the tragic dangers of sex trafficking and educate young people to recognize the danger signs.  Immediately following the viewing of the movie a panel of local experts convened on stage for 60+ minutes as they spoke to the issue and took questions from the audience.  Among the panel participants was FHA Board Member and SD State Representative Scott Craig.  Scott spoke of his passion to bring LIGHT into this dark corner of our society.  He shared of how his journey of his on this topic began years ago while ministering in Hawaii and then ultimately traveling to South Dakota.

Yes, this was a night proving the fact that we are stronger and better together.  A SD Human Trafficking Task Force WEBSITE will soon open at: … so please stay tuned and engaged.

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