South Dakotans get ready for the gathering storm!

mattsharpThis November 18-20 the FHA proudly welcomes to South Dakota Matt Sharp, Legal Counsel with the Arizona based ‘Alliance Defending Freedom’. Matt will keynote this year’s four-city SD Religious Liberty Town Hall Tour. He, along with FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher will speak to this issue in Rapid City (Nov. 18), Aberdeen and Sioux Falls (Nov. 19) and then Mitchell (Nov. 20).

Unfortunately, today in South Dakota these questions must be asked:

• Are you ready…to be arrested?
• Are you ready…to lose your children to the state?
• Is your pastor ready to go to jail for refusing to officiate a same sex marriage?
• Will your church be shut down?
• Will Christians be forced to break the law?

Well, let not your heart be troubled! In fact….TAKE HEART….as our Religious Liberty Town Hall Tour will demonstrate that God is preserving islands of freedom. So….Get encouraged. Get equipped. Get your community of support in place. Get the strategies that are working.

The 2016 elections will be definitive. For Christians, religious liberties will be the issue.

Why make every effort to attend?

  • The Supreme Court of the United States recently legalized homosexual marriage in all 50 states in the Obergefell V. Hodges decision. Are you ready to face persecution for opposing the homosexual agenda?
    The Supreme Court let stand the New York City ban on religious meetings in public buildings in March, 2015. Are churches ready for eviction?
    The Supreme Court let stand the lower court ruling against the New Mexico photographer who refused a “gay” wedding in April, 2014.
    Religious freedom bills in Indiana and Kentucky went down in flames in April, 2015.
    American Christians are concerned. According to Pew Research, the minority group fearing persecution more than any others: Evangelical Protestants, a group representing some 35 million Americans. They are concerned about their jobs in a politically correct work environment, their businesses, their churches, their marriage licenses, and their parental freedoms.
    International persecution against Christians has reach epidemic levels. They are the most persecuted religious group in the world, and Christians need to know how to respond.
    The Institute for Jewish and Community Research surveyed over 1,000 college faculty members, and found that among the academic elite, evangelicals are more disliked than any other minority group in America (53% had unfavorable feelings towards evangelicals, compared to a mere 22% negative sentiments towards Muslims, and only 4% towards Buddhists).

Why should I care?

Sadly, Religious Freedom isn’t just a theoretical issue for American Christians. Everyday Christians and families are facing persecution. With an increasingly aggressive leftist minority rising, now is the time to bring religious liberties, parental rights, and freedom from big government to the forefront of consideration in local, state and national politics.

This is a Critical Time for our Communities, State and Nation! Please join the FHA in making an IMPACT through prayer and active participation!

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