Amy Willson Receives National Honor

amy_awardIf you have had much interaction at all with Family Heritage Alliance, then you already know Amy Willson. This registered nurse, sold-out-disciple of Jesus, activist dynamo, quietly and often behind the scenes pours so much of herself and her many talents into keeping FHA and FHA Action organized and on track. She serves as our Administrative Assistant. When she isn’t working for us, or working as a nurse or with her church family, she is probably working tirelessly as Chapter Leader for Act For America. ACT for America is the organization often at the forefront, educating and working on legislation specific national security, terrorism, and radical Islam. For more about ACT for America, click here.

Amy recounted to me an event that happened five years ago (or so) while visiting the Holocaust Museum in D.C. She was there with her good friend and mentor. Amy told of a glass box into which visitors to the museum were encouraged to drop a small piece of paper with the visitor’s name on it, signifying that the person would commit to taking a stand if these kinds of atrocities were ever to occur again. Amy said that she remembers vividly her mentor’s hand shaking as she placed her name in the glass box. (Shortly after their return from DC, Amy’s mentor passed away unexpectedly from cancer.) This was a turning point for Amy. Not long after this event, she sought out, and began working with ACT for America.

On September 8, Amy was awarded ACT for America’s Citizen Legislator of the Year Award for her work on the Female Genital Mutilation bill in Pierre, last session. As it turns out, the award was presented to Amy in Washington, D.C. very close to the place where her activism journey began. Amy mentioned that she felt she had come “full circle”.

We are so grateful to Amy for all she brings to the work of the Family Heritage Alliance, and for the example she is to all who are blessed to be in her sphere of influence.

As a postscript, upon reading this article, Amy asked that I also include that she feels very blessed to be working at Family Heritage Alliance and that she would have had a shot at getting the FGM bill passed if it were not for the help and support of the FHA and the FHA staff.

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