July 17, 18, 19 Hills Alive Tent Was a Huge Success

2015 hills aliveWell, HILLS ALIVE 2015 is now history and it will go down in the RECORD BOOKS as one of the greatest so far. Record attendance, a 3-day event, beautiful weather and the busiest and most blessed FHA Tent to date. Our tent was a place of prayer, laughter, tears, serious issue discussions and cold water 🙂

We have to thank our Tent Volunteers — Amy & Greg Willson, John Dennis, Kris & Faith Ellingson, Amy Wagner, Scott and Ruthie Craig, George and Carol Black, Janet VanHouten, Brendan Culverhouse (Intern), Elli and Joel Schwiesow and Larisa Duprey (Intern)!

Three area Pastors had their names drawn for a NIGHT’S GET-AWAY in the Hills: Scott Craig (Big Horn Canyon Community Church); Wayne Titus (Valley Community Church); and Josh Boner (Calvary Baptist Church). Our FHA Data Contacts have grown like never before.

The ‘Faster Pastor’ trophy was awarded to Bob Hower live on the main stage in front of a huge crowd! Congrats, Pastor Bob!

Click here to see all the pics of the event on our Facebook Page

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