Nothing Of Substance Has Changed

jd_purpleshirtWell, the earth moved under our feet on Friday. The terra firma of our safe, constitutionally protected, free Christian America seems more like Jell-O at the moment. Most of us at Family Heritage Alliance have been saying for weeks that this was coming, that it was going to look exactly the way it came down, and that it would either be this week or Monday of next. Having said that, I must confess, this ruling by the Supreme Court hit me like a ton of bricks. I can still remember vividly the first time I had the breath knocked out of me. I sort of felt that way most of Friday. As my boss, my family, and my friends can attest, I wasn’t worth a plug nickel much of the day. But as the day is now drawing to a close, the Spirit of God is doing what He has done since the birth of the planet. He is hovering over the chaos and breathing in order and peace. As the storm subsides and the calm sets in, it dawns on me that nothing of real substance has changed. “It’s a ruling by the Supreme Court,” you say. “Humans, mere humans,” say I. For crying out loud, they put their robes on just like you and I do. It’s ink on a piece of paper. It’s an opinion. God is still God. This didn’t take Him by surprise, knock the breath out of Him, or thwart His plans. His Word is still truth and has weathered the severest of opposition across time and space. He still so loves the World and calls me to do the same. My mission is still the same as it was 48 hours ago. Oh, and marriage is still marriage exactly the way God defined it and Jesus affirmed it.

Terra firma may have morphed into Jell-O, but the mistake, the blunder, was believing it was solid in the first place. The solidity was an illusion. I am freer now than I was 48 hours ago because I now see more clearly that God is my rock and this country is just an address.

So, wrapping it all up, can you imagine the look on Apostle John’s face when from the cross, Jesus placed His mom in John’s care. Can you imagine the burden of that trust? God has placed enormous trust in us, in that He has us here in this time and in this place. Let that sink in. Feel the weight of it. Now is not the time to shrink back. Now is the time to fulfill your calling. Speak truth. Love sacrificially. Be salt. Be light. Be a conduit of God’s grace.

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