A Thousand Patriots Attend FHA Agenda Event

agendacollageMonday, July 6, 2015 FHA was joined by a thousand patriotic friends for our Showing of the movie “Agenda”. After the movie, we were blessed to have Lt. General Jerry Boykin (Executive Vice President of Family Research Council) and the producer of the movie, Curtis Bowers speak and answer questions.

The movie “Agenda – Grinding America Down” lays out in crystal clear detail, the communist, socialist, and progressive agenda to undermine America as it was intended by our Founding Fathers. If you haven’t seen the movie, regardless of your politics, you owe it to yourself to view it.

A special Thanks goes out to Wes Hotchkiss who performed two musical numbers for us. Also, we are so thankful to Bob Fischer, without whose assistance and connections, this project could not have gained the kind of traction it had by event night!

We are hoping to have the video of the question and answer segment up for your viewing soon. Stay tuned

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