March Luncheons On Both Sides of the State

rcluncheon32015On March 25, the FHA team was out in force at Rapid City’s Cedar Canyon Camp where 140 guests joined us for our Black Hills Area Luncheon. As is always the case when the TeenPact crew joins our projects, the room was infused with enthusiasm and energy. The TeenPact youth were an awesome addition as they served and some even spoke of their work and education in the TeenPact organization. Local area coordinator for TeenPact, Joanne Woods did a great job as she always does. Also joining us was our army of volunteers, too numerous to mention, without whom, the luncheon just would not have been possible. The program was led by our Executive Director, Dale Bartscher, who gave a report on the ongoing work of FHA, and a detailed report on the legislative work of FHA Action during the S.D. 2015 legislative session. Also, on stage, were the following:


  • Qusi Al-Haj representing Senator John Thune and reporting on Thune’s work in Washington D.C.
  • Adam Kaemingk representing Senator Mike Rounds and reporting on Round’s work in Washington D.C.
  • Kyle Holt representing Representative Kristi Noem and reporting on Noem’s work in Washington D.C.

sfluncheon32015FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher and FHA Young Adult and Youth Coordinator Norman Woods were boots on the ground in Sioux Falls this past Thursday, March 26. An FHA Luncheon was held as sixty-one patriots, young and old, gather at the Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church in what was one of the finest FHA events held to date in Sioux Falls. Abiding Savior’s Care Ministry Pastor David Olson opened the luncheon in Prayer and then all enjoyed a Pizza Ranch catered meal. In the House were a number of Legislators, Pastors and culturally concerned moms and dads. It was awesome to have as guests a number of young College Republicans from Augustana College along with a host of TeenPact Students. Encouraging Congressional Reports were given by Senator Round’s East River Director Mark Johnston and Senator Thune’s Constituent Services Representative Taylor Hoekstra. Dale shared FHA’s recent statewide activities, our work at the Capitol during the 90th Legislative Session and future FHA events. We now look forward to our next Sioux Falls Area Luncheon on Tuesday, May 12.

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