New Office Suite in Rapid City

officeAs the Family Heritage Alliance has grown, and as our mission has expanded, so has our need for office space. As you may know, we recently opened an office in Sioux Falls in attempt to address some of the increased office needs. If you have visited our Rapid City office, you have seen a nice spacious suite on the second floor of the “Life and Liberty Building” on Rapid’s West side. This suite provided a spacious office for our Executive Director, a work / storage room, a conference area, a kitchen, a reception station, and one work station (sometimes occupied by our Communications Director). Well, as of Sunday, December 7, the FHA officially moved our operations to one of the suites on the first floor of the same building. This new suite boasts an additional 518 square feet and comes complete with kitchen, conference area, a reception / interview room, work / storage room, and six offices. The suite also comes with a much improved telephone and office communications system. The last week has been a turbulent one as we have worked to get systems up and online and everything in its place. We are just about to the point where we can say we have the move completed. We are so appreciative to the team that did the “heavy lifting” last Sunday. Thanks TeenPact Teens, Norman Woods, Clark Ericks, Carol Black, and Jan Bartscher for your exhausting work getting it all moved. Thank you Amy Willson for tirelessly working on bringing order out of the chaos! Stop by and see our new facility. The coffee is always on.

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