Carly Fiorina Inspires at November 12 Luncheon

nov122014luncheonOn November 12, braving harsh cold and generally uncooperative weather, 175 folks gathered at Rapid City’s Open Bible Christian Center for our Black Hills Area Luncheon. They came to eat good food because that’s what you do at luncheons. They came to just enjoy the company of good like-minded people. And, they came to hear to be encouraged and inspired by Carly Fiorina (former CEO of Hewlett-Packard) and Dan Schneider (Executive Director of American Conservative Union). The crowd was far from disappointed. Also, at the event, Dale Bartscher, our Executive Director did what he does best, rallying good people around important issues. We also took a few moments out of the program to award to Pastor Gerad Strong (Lead Pastor of RC’s Bethel Assembly Church) the “Beyond the Walls Pastor” award. We could not have pulled off this event without the gracious hospitality and ministry of Associate Pastor Brian McDaniel and the amazing staff at Open Bible Christian Center. To all who pitched in and help make this a memorable day, our sincerest thanks!

If you missed the event, you can catch the keynote addresses in the video clip below (also provided to us by the good folks of Open Bible)!

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