FHA Team Attends DC Values Voter Summit

vvs2014FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher and FHA Advisory Council Chair Bob Fischer were in attendance at this years’ Values Voter Summit. The Summit was hosted by the Family Research Council (FRC Action) based in DC. A constant theme throughout the three-day event was the growing assault on religious liberty overseas and here at home. Featured speakers included Naghmeh Abedini, wife of Pastor Saeed Abedini, David and Jason Benham, Aaron and Melissa Klein, and Mariam Ibraheem (pictured here with Dale as she has been recently released from a Sudanese Prison after having been jailed due to her amazingly strong Christian faith) — all of whom have experienced varying degrees of persecution for their faith.

For the second year in row, Senator Ted Cruz finished first in the Values Voter straw poll, winning 25% of the vote. Dr. Ben Carson finished second with 20%, followed by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee with 12%. Rounding out the top five were former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum in fourth place, followed by a tie for fifth between Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Dale found himself working the crowd, networking with passionately conservative, Christian world-viewed Leaders from across the country. Two such Leaders were Senator Rick Santorum, our FHA’s West River Stand Banquet’s Keynote Speaker (pictured here) and Bill Crystal, a conservative national news commentator (also pictured here).

To view and listen to the many guest speakers, including FRC President Tony Perkins, click here to watch them online.

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