Common Core Standards Forum

commoncore_meetingA public information session on Common Core Standards was held in Rapid City on Wednesday, November 6 at the Historic Theatre at Rapid City High School. This event was hosted by the Rapid City Area Schools in collaboration with the South Dakota Department of Education. The public was encouraged to come learn about the new Common Core Standards in Language and Mathematics. Dr. Melody Schopp, SD Department of Education Secretary, was the evening’s Keynote Speaker and after a 30 minute presentation the floor was open to answering questions from the public. Moderating the Forum was Rapid City’s School Superintendent Dr. Timothy Mitchell.

FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher was present for this Forum and on one occasion did find his way to the public microphone. He asked, “If common core is so wonderful and needed, why is there so much opposition to it all across the nation? And with growing concerns what are the future expectations to South Dakota’s acceptance of common core standards in the fields of Science and History?

Only 38% of people have ever heard of Common Core Standards. These educational standards were adopted in SD during November of 2010. Implementation of standards began with the start of 2013-14 school year. If you have questions or concerns with these Common Core Standards then you are directed to call either the Rapid City Superintendent’s Office at 605.394.4031 or a Superintendent’s Office near where you live.

Although the FHA believes our SD Educators have the best of intentions – the educating of our children in the most excellent way possible – we are still left with some heavy concerns and questions when it comes to Common Core Standards. As it pertains to South Dakota’s Common Core Standards the FHA is yet on a FACT FINDING MISSION. Stay tuned and stay informed!

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