Executive Director Addresses Fortnight For Freedom Event

rel_libOn Tuesday, July 2, FHA Executive Director Dale Bartscher was honored to have been asked to speak at the annual Fortnight For Freedom sponsored by the Rapid City, Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The evening began with a beautiful service of prayer, scripture reading and patriotic music followed by an inspiring message. An hour and thirty minute ‘Conversation On Religious Liberty’ then began with approximately 150 friends in attendance. Those speaking for 20 minutes each were: Bishop Robert Gruss of the Rapid City Catholic Diocese: The Theology of Religious Liberty; Jeff Hurd, Attorney at Law: The Law and Religious Liberty; and Dale Bartscher on the subject: Mobilizing for Religious Liberty. Dale closed his 20 minute presentation with these words:

“This week I added to my Facebook Page a quote by Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. which reads: ‘The Christian church does not ask the U. S. Supreme Court, or any other human court, what marriage is. Marriage is a pre-political institution defined by our Creator — for His glory and for human flourishing’. Opposition to same-sex ‘marriage’ is not hatred or bigotry. It is grounded in the teachings of Scripture, which are “settled in heaven forever” – Ps. 119:89. These teachings argue that any non-marital and non-heterosexual forms of sexual intimacy or legal union violate the will of God. According to the Gospel of John, chapter 1 and verse 14 — Jesus was filled with ‘grace and truth’. This is the model we should imitate: Showing kindness and compassion to persons who identify as homosexual or who admit to struggling with same-sex attraction, while also speaking the truth in love to them about God’s changeless standards and the power He will give those who love Him to live by them.”

The fight for our Religious Liberties transcends theological barriers. Yes, Catholics, Protestants and Jews must come, stand and speak together as there is strength in our unity on these basic rights of Faith, Family and Freedom. The Family Heritage Alliance is more than grateful for their participation in the ‘bridge building’ exercise called a – Fortnight For Freedom. We are looking forward to these types of events happening across the state of South Dakota. Will they happen? Yes! They must happen!

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