Watchmen on the Wall Pastors Briefing 2013

dc_tripIn Matthew 28, just before Jesus gave what we often call the “Great Commission”, He made this statement: “All authority has been given to me in Heaven and on Earth…” So it shouldn’t be surprising, that God’s people long for and work toward the day when all other powers and authorities are brought into submission to the will of Jesus, the Christ. To that end, roughly 600 ministry leaders from across the United States gathered together in Washington, DC, May 23-24 to genuinely assess our nation’s spiritual health and refine our function as salt and light to our communities. The event, sponsored by the Family Research Council (FRC), was the 10th annual Watchmen on the Wall Pastor’s Briefing (WOTW). It was a time of networking, education, inspiration, direction, and worship. Many of the nation’s leading conservative leaders were on the program and delivered non-stop and intense content. South Dakota was well represented. The following made the trip:

  • Pastor Dale Bartscher (FHA Executive Director) [this was Dale’s 10th year to attend]
  • Pastor John Dennis (Black Hills Church of Christ and FHA Communications Director)
  • Dr. Patrick Clinch (FHA Action Chair)
  • Pastor Scott Craig (Big Horn Canyon Community Church and FHA board member)
  • Pastor Jon Droege (Aberdeen Christian Fellowship)
  • Pastor Roger and Joan Spahr (Watertown Cornerstone United Methodist)

At the outset of the WOTW program, attendees were given a tour of the FRC office complex and the capitol building. The capitol tour was guided by the Wall Builders organization, and was rich with information about the influence of the Bible and Christianity in the molding and shaping of this great country.

While at WOTW, we took time out of the regularly scheduled events to make our way to the offices of South Dakota’s three congressional representatives. We visited and prayed with US Senator John Thune, US Representative Kristi Noem, and a staffer in US Senator Tim Johnson’s office.

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