Family Policy Council Directors Meet

fpcOn Wednesday, May 22, 2013, fifteen Family Policy Council Directors or Representatives, from across the nation, met for a strategy session in the heart of our Nation’s Capital city. The Family Research Council (FRC) hosted this event full of information and inspiration. FHA’s Executive Director Dale Bartscher was honored to have been invited and did attend. A multitude of speakers were heard from including the following FRC personnel: President Tony Perkins, Vice-President LTG Jerry Boykin, Senior Fellow Dr. David Prentice, Center for Human Dignity Director Anna Higgins, Senior Director of Congressional Affairs David Christensen, and Director of State and Local Affairs Quena Gonzalez.

The high point of the meeting came when each Director in attendance was given the opportunity to share what is going on in their perspective states. This gave Dale the ‘soapbox moment’ to share both good news on the South Dakota front and some of the challenges we face as a state in the future. The Family Heritage Alliance is blessed beyond measure with the strong working relationship it has nurtured over the years with both the Family Research Council of Washington, DC and Focus On The Family of Colorado Springs, CO. We are honored to have been invited once again to attend their Fall 2013 Leadership Meeting in DC and we will most likely SHOW UP because that’s what the FHA does when opportunities arise!

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