146 Passionately Patriotic Friends Gather For FHA’s March Black Hills Luncheon

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luncheon313Wednesday, March 21 saw 146 of the Black Hills Area’s most ardent defenders of conservative values gather for a luncheon at Cedar Canyon Camp. The food was excellent as it always is when the Cedar Canyon’s crew feeds us. The fellowship was intense and the solidarity was even more so. That’s why they call it an “alliance”. Cedar Canyon Camp and TeenPact sponsored our event, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be associated with these two amazing ministries.

Speaking of alliance, the following are organizations with displays at the luncheon: FHA, National Day of Prayer, John Witherspoon College, FaithBook SD and School Bible Curriculum.

The legislators in the room were: Sen. Rampelberg; Sen. Kirkeby; Sen. Rhoden; Rep. Sly; Rep. Kopp; Rep. Craig, and Rep. Campbell.

Other Elected Officials in the room were: Mayor Sam Kooiker, Sheriff Kevin Thom, School Board President Sheryl Kirkeby, Alderman Chad Lewis.

Among the many special guests in the room were: John Birch Society’s Regional and State Directors; Pastor Mike Brandt of Shepherding the Shepherds Ministry; Stacey Wollman of CareNet; Dr. Patrick Castle of LifeRunners, SD Legacy Ministry’s Director, Randy Creasman from Habitat For Humanity, Representative from the Rapid City Public Library Board, Representatives from Sen. Thune and Rep. Noem’s offices and Brad Klassen of Woven Cord Ministries, President of Rapid City Ministerial Alliance Pastor Greg Blanc.

Crammed into an hour and three minutes were the following reports and interviews:

  • Introduction of Jesse Nelson the Cedar Canyon Camp Director and a brief report on the ministry of Cedar Canyon Camp
  • Joanne Woods report on TeenPact
  • Perry Lewis report on the School Bible Curriculum
  • Pat Castle interview regarding the LifeRunners ministry
  • Chad Lewis’s work on adult content filters for public library computers
  • Rapid City Council’s Invocation issue
  • Executive Director Dale Bartscher’s Legislative Review detailing the legislative session this year in Pierre
  • Introduction to our student interns
  • Faith and Hope Community Breakfast
  • Our Upcoming Elected Leader’s Appreciation Luncheon
  • Our Upcoming Ministry Leader’s Appreciation Tour
  • CareNet’s Upcoming Banquet
  • John Witherspoon College’s Inaugural Scholarship Banquet
  • Amy Wagner’s report on Upcoming Events for the National Day of Prayer
  • Condensed report of our Executive Director’s time in Washington DC, attending CPAC

“This was an awesome gathering of #146 passionately patriotic, family valued, Lord loving, conservative friends of the Family Heritage Alliance. Our gratitude is extended to the Cedar Canyon Camp for hosting us and to TeenPact SD for their service to today’s FHA Black Hills Luncheon. God is good!”

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