Shepherds’ Symposium Tour 2012

shepsymDale Bartscher and John Dennis set out from Rapid City around 5:00 AM, Tuesday, November 13 on a quest to bring a renewed Christian worldview focus to ministry and civic leaders in eastern South Dakota. We arrived in Aberdeen, SD in time to secure hotel rooms and then pick up our keynote speaker, Bill Redmond, at the bustling Aberdeen airport. Redmond was on loan to us from our friends at Focus on the Family, and among his long list of credentials, Bill is an expert activist and advocate for the Biblical worldview upon which this country was founded.

We held five major events in the SD cities of Aberdeen, Watertown, Huron, Mitchell and Sioux Falls. Testimonies of blessing are still coming into the FHA Office as Bill Redmond spoke to the hearts of all in attendance. He represented FOCUS with a flare of professionalism, excellence and passion. Here’s an e-mailed testimonial example from Pastor Eldon Reich of the Aberdeen First Methodist Church:

“Dale, Last night was a highlight of this year. I was thoroughly blessed by Bill’s message and the simplicity of which he is able to deliver it to us. We should have him on a Sunday Morning circuit. Thanks for a great evening.” — Eldon Reich

At each event, Dale Bartscher and John Dennis presented the mission and message of the Family Heritage Alliance and Bill Redmond presented a stunning and passionate call for the church to focus her attention on the worldview presented in the Bible. Quoting Redmond, “someone’s beliefs will become public policy”!

A total of 87 Pastors, Para-Church Ministry Leaders and SD Legislators were in attendance. The follow-up on this tour is what is currently generating excitement among the leadership of the FHA. It has opened the door to the following opportunities (among many others):

  1. A United Methodist Pastors’ Christian Worldview Conference, Watertown, SD (Spring of 2013)
  2. A Christian Worldview Conference for Hispanics, Sioux Falls, SD (Spring of 2013)
  3. A Candidate Recruiting and Training Conference, Chamberlain, SD (Summer of 2013)

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